Welcoming Diversity: Building Bridges of Understanding – A Free Community Program, Open To The Public

A program in collaboration with Unity in Diversity and the Unity, Pride and Culture committee of Transform Rockford

Rockford is a very diverse community. As in the nation at large, issues of race, ethnicity, and immigration have come to the surface of our public discourse time and again. Join us for an examination of how we as a community have dealt with diversity through our history, as well as a look at what is happening in our community today.

2 pm – 5 pm Sunday, April 23, 2017
Midway Village Museum
6799 Guilford Road . Rockford . IL . 61107. 815-397-9112

Key Note Speakers To Discuss In-depth Topics For One Hour:
Dr. Beatrice McKenzie
Professor of History, Beloit College
Dr. McKenzie, a specialist in the history of immigration in the United States, will speak on the patterns
of anti-immigration movements from a historical perspective
on the national level.

Joyce D. Higgins
Publisher of Chromelight II and Local History Expert
A noted speaker on race in the Rockford region, Ms. Higgins will address the history of racism as it relates to our community and its residents.

Focused In-depth Breakout Sessions
Breakout Sessions follow the key note speakers guests choose three of these six options:

The Human Library
Refugee Resettlement
Muslim Immigration
Refugee & Immigration Services
Latinos in Rockford
Universalism vs. Multiculturalism

Admission is Free for this Community Program. Walk-ins are welcome the day of the program. No advance reservation is required.
Questions? Call 815-397-9112.
Participating Organizations
The Unitarian Universalist Church
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockford
Muslim Association of Greater Rockford
Representatives of the Latino Community
Rockford University